Andres Morales Architects is a global design and consultancy firm in architecture and construction, founded in 1997. Our company has acquired experience in design and project development in Costa Rica and in Rome, Italy, together with Grupo Itaca, for more than 12 years. We have a highly trained interdisciplinary team which includes architects, engineers, drawers, administrative staff; all committed to continuous improvement of quality processes and satisfying our clients in each of the projects.

Our architecture

Our architecture is aimed at incorporating art and nature into each project, building spaces where our clients can enjoy a nice environment with sophisticated style, in harmony with their surroundings. We believe that our greatest impact in the world is to plan and design for a sustainable future; nature is the inspiration for our work, therefore our projects are designed in such a manner as to cause minimal impact, creating a balance between site development and environmental conservation.

Composition D Y C S.A.

The involvement of this firm is to integrate design and construction. Its mission is to provide the right finishes to artistically inspired design, building residences with the finest finishes, condominium buildings, residential developments and shopping centers in the metropolitan area for more than 30 years.

Andres Morales was born on September 10, 1974 in San Jose, Costa Rica. Coming from a family whose mother is a lawyer and whose father is an engineer dedicated to construction, Morales graduated as an architect from the Universidad Autonoma de Centro America in 1997. From the beginning of his studies, he worked as an architectural draftsman for North American companies, where he conceptualized large-scale and complex projects. After graduating, he founded his own company Andres Morales Architects, devoted to design and construction. With this company he has designed and constructed projects in and outside the country.

Parallel to this, Morales is the President of Fundación de Arquitectura de Interés Social (Social Interest Architecture Foundation) (FUNARIS), responsible for the design and building of works of social impact in less privileged social classes.

Andres Morales’ architecture is mainly based on the constant contact with nature; he takes advantage of the outside views through the wide windows and large eaves characteristic of his designs, resulting in a complete interaction with the environment. Morales creates sustainability in his projects by using local materials such as stone, wood and especially, the use of solar energy sources and the reuse of rainwater and treated water. At his age, he has been prolific in projects that have gained national and international recognition as well as his clients’ satisfaction.


Currently, among other architectural projects, he is designing one of great importance and size called Hacienda espinal. This urban planning project includes a town center and residences that modify the traditional, as well as a museum designed for the internationally renowned Costa Rican sculptor Jorge Jimenez Deredia; all this located in metropolitan area, in front of the San Rafael de Alajuela exit from the San Jose – Caldera Freeway.


  • San Jose, Costa Rica. Architecture Biennial 2002.
    Larsen Residence. Honorable Mention, Category: "Sustainable Architecture"

  • London, England. Americas Residential Property Awards 2010
    Glass House. Prize:"Highly Commended". Category: “Best Property.”

  • London, England. Americas Residential Property Awards 2010
    Las Nubes Residence. Prize: “Best Property”

  • London, England. Americas Residential Property Awards 2011
    Pura Vista Residence. Awarded in the category of “Best Architecture.”

  • London, England. Americas Residential Property Awards 2011
    Pin Residence. Awarded in the category of “Best Property.”


Our design office is composed by a group of professionals in search of innovating solutions. We work closely with our clients to make sure we capture their ideas in our designs while maintaining competitive prices and quality.

Through the use of diverse materials we create high end products for hotels, residences and commercial spaces, giving each area the perfect setting.

We also work as a team with architects and engineers with a deeper notion of space in order to create a perfectly harmonic ambient.

Compass Group International: Providing solutions for Residential Developers since 2002

Compass Group International is the "#1 Real Estate Consulting Firm" in Central America, we provide developers with consultative services to improve the efficacy of sales teams, marketing campaigns, marketing/media budgeting, procurement/design, financing, and aligning strategic relationships with "real estate professionals in North America and UK."

Since 2002, Compass has been successfully providing our "Developer - Clients" with a comprehensive portfolio of marketing and consulting services to help residential real estate developers create, and deliver a compelling offering to the global marketplace. We work with developers in the most exciting resort communities across Central & South Americas, Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

Our services include:

  • Sales Operational Solutions

  • Strategic Marketing Solutions
  • Community Planning Solutions
  • Financing Solutions
  • International Broker/Agent Network
  • Land Acquisition Solutions
  • International Real Estate Education

Featured on HGTV's "House Hunters International" (2004 - 2012)

CEO: Will Roadhouse
COO: Dean Studebaker